Calling All Collectors! Mister Money Bags is in Hollywood, FL!

Wondering how much your signed piece of sports memorabilia is worth? Thinking about selling your rare coin collection to the right buyer, for the right price? If you live in or around Hollywood, FL, now’s the time to bring in your rare and valuable items! For a limited time, Mister Money Bags is in the area, ready to appraise your items and offer top-dollar for them.

You may recognize Jim Pavlish (Mister Money Bags) from his weekly radio show “What’s it Worth?” on ESPN radio network. Jim travels the country, appraising just about anything of value and paying a fair price for rare, unique and exciting items! Now, Jim’s travels have brought him to Southeastern Florida, in search of new treasures.

Welcoming items of all types

Schedule an appointment with Mister Money Bags and bring your gold, diamonds, jewelry, sports memorabilia, watches, high end purses and coins. Jim will put his seasoned eye to work appraising your items and let you know exactly how much they’re worth. And, if you decide to sell, you’ll walk away with the very best value—guaranteed! Jim pays cash for any item you might be looking to part with.

Talk with a trusted expert

Unlike other pawn shops that lowball prices or only specialize in a specific type of product, Mister Money Bags is fair, honest and knowledgeable. Not only will Jim tell you exactly what your item is worth, he’ll tell you all about it and give you all the information you need to either make a confident sale or hold on to your treasure.

For collectors and deal-seekers in Hollywood, FL, this is a rare opportunity to talk with one of the best appraisers in the country! Don’t miss out!

Schedule an appraisal

Whether you’re an avid collector or just have a few potential treasures laying around the house, now’s the time to see what they’re worth.

If you’re in Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Miramar, Hialeah, Pompano Beach or any other area nearby Hollywood, FL, reach out to Mister Money Bags to schedule an appraisal appointment. Jim’s time in the area is limited, so be sure to schedule today!

Call 305-482-3908 or email to set up your appointment.

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