Do You Own a Piece of Sports History?

Amazing moments happen in sports every day. Someone might throw a perfect game tomorrow or shoot the hockey puck that breaks the single-game goal record. When they do, it immediately creates a memento. That baseball or hockey puck becomes an iconic piece of sports history.
Because these moments happen every day, it means little pieces of sports history are floating around out there, back and forth between the hands of collectors. If you’re a sports memorabilia collector, you might be hanging on to some truly valuable pieces—whether you know it or not! What’s more, that memorabilia could be worth big bucks..

Consider your collection

Take a look at your sports memorabilia collection. Do you have any mementos from big-name players? Iconic events? Special situations? These types of items are going to have much more value than you might realize.

For example, your signed game-worn Drew Brees football jersey might be worth a pretty penny. But, if it has a Walter Peyton Man of the Year patch on it from the year Drew Brees won that award, it might have even more value!

Another example might be a program for Game 6 of the 1991 World Series. It might just be a cool memory for you, but this program could be worth a ton! It was one of the most memorable baseball games in recent decades, going into extra innings and ending with a home run that prompted the iconic broadcast announcement, “We will see you tomorrow night!”

Beyond the signature

Most memorabilia collectors chase signatures of their favorite players or sports icons. This is always a fun way to build your collection! But don’t just focus on the person—put your items in context to really understand their value. What does the item represent?

If something special happened in sports and you can prove your item was involved, it’s going to significantly raise the value! Some of the most valuable mementos in history have a special background.

Talk to an appraiser

The great thing about sports memorabilia is that if it represents a significant moment in sports history, it’s likely only going to get more valuable. A record-breaking baseball, special event jersey or a program from “the big game” mark a special day in sports history and a valuable part of your collection.

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