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Many people have old autographs and sports memorabilia lying around their house without any real idea of its true value. The problem is, many memorabilia dealers have limited knowledge and have the sole purpose of maximizing their profits on items, which means you can’t always trust their selling or purchasing prices.

Expert Appraisers

At Mister Money Bags, our sports memorabilia and autograph expert Jim Pavlish has years of experience in analyzing sports collectibles and providing accurate appraisals. He frequently appears on “What’s it Worth?,” a weekly show on ESPN Radio where listeners from around the country call in to find out how much their sports memorabilia is worth.

Jim and the rest of our team are happy to provide appraisals for a wide variety of types of sports collectibles and memorabilia.

Qualified Appraisals

Our sports memorabilia team is available seven days a week to appraise your collection. Many people wait hours on ESPN’s phone lines or pay Mr. Pavlish big money to advise them on their purchases. You can schedule a visit from us wherever and whenever is convenient for you and get these same services for free!

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