Jim Pavlish | Cleveland, OH
Jim Pavlish | Cleveland, OH

About Mister Money Bags Himself, Jim Pavlish

Why collectors and dealers are willing to crawl over broken glass to sell to Mister Money Bags !!!!

Mister Money Bags is run by Jim Pavlish, who has developed a national following as the guest expert on the weekly radio show “What’s it Worth?” on ESPN radio network. Every week, listeners from all over the country call into the show to find out what their collectibles and sports memorabilia items are worth. Some collectors wait hours at a time just to have a chance to get their items appraised by Jim! You can listen to Mister Money Bags on the Will Burge Show on WTAM 1100 as well, as Jim talks about LeBron memorabilia starting at 19 minutes and 30 seconds into the show.

Beyond the radio, collectors, dealers and investors often hire Mr. Pavlish to authenticate and advise them on their big-ticket purchases.

Now, you can get this same service absolutely free, simply by scheduling an appointment with our mobile appraisal service.

Mr. Pavlish and his handpicked team of experts are available seven days a week to appraise your collection and give a fair and honest cash offer.

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    Mister Money Bags is always buying diamond rings, collectibles, sports memorabilia, gold, and more. We’re mobile, available seven days a week to meet with you, to provide a completely free appraisal for your items. Fill out an inquiry form to get started with us and to get quick cash for your items!

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