Get the Full Value of Your Coin Collection

You’ve probably seen a lot of commercials for “We Buy Gold” or “We Buy Coins” stores, promising quick cash for coins. The truth is, these businesses and pawn stores will only give you a fraction of the value of the item.

At Mister Money Bags, our coin appraisal team is led by Jim Pavlish, a go-to expert for dealers, collectors and investors regarding the value and authenticity of their coins. Jim is a lifetime member of the American Numismatic Association, the leading organization in America for coin collectors.

Fair Evaluations Every Time

When you bring your coin collection to us, you can rest assured it’s in good hands and being evaluated fairly! We make it our mission to pay you fair prices for all of your coins, and will pay top dollar for the pieces we especially want. Recent examples of payouts include:

$1,200 for a 1932 D Washington quarter

$2,700 for a 1916 D Mercury dime

$2,750 for a coffee tin lined with old pennies

Real Cash Payouts

We buy thousands of coins every week, including all 90 percent silver coins (old dimes, quarters, dollars and half dollars) and many other types of old coins and currency.

Contact us today to learn more about our coin appraisal services and to get quick cash for your coins. Even if you’re not explicitly looking to sell, we appreciate the opportunity to be able to see your unique collection—after all, we’re collectors ourselves!




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    • U.S. Coins Minted Before 1965
    • All 90% Silver Coins
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